6 Western Avenue by Blu Water Studio

POSTED 6 years ago

Lovely resort styled living area interior design

This home is actually a show unit for the 6 Western Avenue development in Penang, Malaysia but it’s the show unit that won the 2011 Malaysian Interior Design Awards under the Residential Category. The work of Blu Water Studio from Kuala Lumpur, it’s not difficult to see why this interior design submission was selected the winner.

Completed in nice earthy tones, the spaces created look so comfortable and inviting. This theme is carried out throughout the home and the results in those spaces are equally astonishing. The colour scheme, the selection of furniture and even the design of the shelving behind the sofa in the living room adds an interesting mood to its design. It helps that the living room has large sliding glass doors to enable more sunlight into the living room; making the space feel more airy.

The dining area on the other hand is just beautiful to look at and coupled with how the design matches back to the space layout. The result is a real stunner, the colours selected and even the ceiling lights chosen all complement each other and result in a dining area that looks as good as it is functional.

And if you thought the dining area looked good, the bedroom will blow your socks away. The primarily timber finish turned out well in this master bedrooms interior design, in particular, the headboard for the bed with its unique decor piece was a very nice touch. But that’s not at all the key feature of this home; a quick look up at the ceiling shows a luxurious looking timber ceiling which kinda looks like merbau timber was used. It’s reddish highlights contrasts against the more softer tones of the timber used for the flooring and adds to the perception of light and dark.

The ceiling on the bedroom itself is also quite distinctive in its own right. Instead of using a flat ceiling, the timber ceiling we see here follows closely the shape of the roof. It’s this timber roof that give the master bedroom a slightly more classic feel more reminiscent of kampung styled homes and executed as a modern design spin to create a space that is stylish yet timeless.

Overall, the interior design implemented was successful in creating a resort like feel in this 6 Western Avenue home.