House of the Tree by Kokaistudios

POSTED 6 years ago

House of the Tree - Luxurious penthouse interior design

When we think high-rise living we often think of smaller homes in comparison with their landed counterparts. This is a misconception that many have and here we have featured one example of just how spacious and luxurious some of these high-rise homes can be.

Located in Shenzhen, China; the home featured here today is a penthouse located on the 48th & 49th floor of a high-end residential tower. Designed by Kokaistudios to the theme “living between the city and nature” this home was designed to provide the best in both relaxation and luxury.

The selection of earthy tones used throughout the house feels right at home with creating an air of relaxation while the stunning architectural elements provide the feeling of luxury that starts from the very moment you walk through the doors of this home. Upon entering the home, a visitor is not only greeted by panoramic views through the double volume glass facade but also by a tree; which is an interesting point in its own right considering that the entrance to this home is located on the 48th floor.

The full height glass in the majority of the areas in the home help bring in not just the surrounding views but also allows more natural light into the home during the day. We can only imagine how the scenery transforms as the sun sets and the moon rises over the horizon. The view, in our mind, should be one that enhances the feeling of relaxation.

The living room space is split with the main sitting area facing the views of Shenzhen city whereas the TV viewing area has a more enclosed feel to it. Perfect for turning off the lights and enjoying a good movie. The selection of sofa for this space fits extremely well in and matches well with the other elements implemented within the space. Even the kitchen and dining area look extremely well designed, giving the air of being in a 5-star restaurant. As with the living room space the dining area is also open to the views beyond the glass panes of the swimming pool and the city’s skyscrapers beyond.

There is almost practically no space that does not have a view of Shenzhen city, even the bathrooms open out to wondrous views with the only source of privacy being blinds. We’re practically torn in deciding whether we love the idea of the spectacular views from the bathroom or the exquisite finishing and detail that has gone into the design of this area.

It’s hard to say which spaces in this home we love more because we seem to pretty much love all the elements that have been put in place into this wonderful penthouse. Just check out the pictures of this home and you’ll get a clearer picture of why we love this home so much.