Chua Residence by paul+pris

POSTED 6 years ago

Beautifully designed semi-detached entrance

Often in any home renovation, its easy to lose ones self and get overly fixated on the larger items that we often forget the smaller details that may seem inconsequential in the beginning. This leads to elements which we felt suitable in the beginning end up looking out of place after the renovation has been completed. Engaging the services of interior design firms can sometimes provide an edge over getting things planned and implemented on your own and this is exactly what the owners of this beautiful house decided on when looking to creating a home.

The home featured here,  a 2.5 storey semi-detached unit located at Glenhill Saujana in Malaysia provides ample space for interior design firm paul+pris to transform the house into a home. The result is one which we find quite fascinating.

The interior has been treated to a mix of earthy tones with a dash of colour added at strategic points to draw focus to elements within the home. Painted primarily in white, the interior of the home is given highlights with the main wall of the living room finished in what looks to be Grey Slate as well as the feature wall sporting a different hue. The result, an interior that neither looks boring or drab yet subtle enough that the theme does not jar the senses. The throw pillows on the sofa & that beautiful artwork definitely add just the right amount of colour to the home interior and a sense of style.

Elements of timber are also infused into the design, and our favourite has got to be the coffee table placed in the living room and the wooden bench just below the art piece hanging in the living room. A mix of different timber hues was used throughout the home to cater to the tastes of the owners. This is evident when looking at the contrasting finish of the kitchen and TV console against the furniture used. But design as per colour and material selection is something that differs according to individual. We may not fancy the timber hue’s selected being more of fans of Walnut timber, but we feel the owner of this home has definitely chosen a unique blend of timber hues within the home.

But of all the spaces we’d actually like to see the most in real life would have to be the outdoor patio by the pond with the waterfall feature built in. This outdoor relaxation space does look absolutely cozy in a manner that exudes warmth and calm all at the same time. Just imagine reading a book with a cup of your favourite hot beverage to keep you company, spaces like this are something some of us long for (the Habitat-MY team included) to have available in our homes. A space that we can chill and escape for the few precious moments we can steal away from the humdrum of everyday life.

Check out more pictures of the interesting elements put into play in the interior of this home by scrolling below.

Images courtesy of Home & Decor Malaysia