Apartment With Retractable Wall by Fertility Design

POSTED 6 years ago

Modern apartment interior design by Fertility Design.

The home featured here, designed by Taiwanese firm Fertility Design, goes to show that even an apartment or condominium if well planned and designed can look absolutely gorgeous. It is both modern and elegant, with the colour scheme selected in particular something of a favourite of ours. The earthy tones set against the spacious layout does make this home feel not just inviting but soothing to the senses.

Even more interesting is how this apartment has been designed to incorporate a home office space that is versatile enough to be closed off when privacy is needed or even opened up when more space is required. The use of two sliding glass doors was used to achieve this with one sliding against a wall just past the dining area and with the other concealed just ingeniously between the TV wall panel and the bookcase within the home office space. More amazing is that for this particular interior design, once the doors are opened up, the perception of available floor space makes the apartment feel a great deal larger.

The functional design of the home office space and the colour theme of this apartment work hand-in-hand to arrive at the end result which is an apartment home that many of us would feel more than proud to own.