Intriguing Bungalow Interior Design by X Dimension Design

POSTED 6 years ago

 Modern Bangsar bungalow by X Dimension Design

Bungalow renovations in Malaysia are getting very interesting with owners today more willing to go beyond their comfort zone and try something beyond the ordinary. Just a quick drive past Bangsar last week showed many houses undergoing renovations. So we were pleasantly surprised when we were approached by X Dimension Design to feature a bungalow in Bangsar that they had worked on and must say that there was some apprehension on our part initially. Would we like what we were shown or would we have to gently decline their request.

Obviously, that was not happened and we were worrying about absolutely nothing. The interior design done for this bungalow can be described in one simple word “STUNNING”. Our favourite space is definitely the living room with its distinctive highlights and in the words of the interior design firm; “the natural rust textured and infused subtle vein on metal panel” feature wall. This completely transforms the entire living room space and gives it a rather unique feel and to achieve the desired effect countless of trials and errors were made before achieving just the right touch and look. Yes, so it may look a lil like rust but the effect of this feature wall has on the ambiance of the living room is absolutely marvelous and it will definitely be a point of interest for guests visiting the home.

Our next favourite spot in this home is the beautiful modern kitchen. Besides it being the spot where yummy food gets made; the mirror finish of the built-in cabinets and island counter matched modern style pendant lighting just works absolutely well together and complements the overall colour scheme here. But more than just aesthetics, having a open concept dry kitchen with an island counter is definitely a practical answer to keeping this space feeling more spacious and open.

It’s nice to see that there are those that choose to innovate away from the sometimes garish norms of the average renovated Malaysian home design and we're personally looking forward to seeing more of X Dimension’s work in future.