Visually Stunning Bangsar Terrace Home by JTJ Design

POSTED 7 years ago

Contemporary terrace house exterior design in Bangsar

I think I’ve mentioned this more than once that Malaysian home renovation sometimes lack innovation and look rather uniform regardless of the area the house is located in. To some extent, it is not the architect or designers who are to be blamed as they have to deal with tight budgets with sometimes impossible demands, owners preference and a plethora of other factors. Most owners are also not an adventurous lot and trying to get an innovative designed passed could some times amount to be as hard as trying to score your first music contract or convincing investors why your plans should receive funding. It’s a daunting task but not one that is impossible to achieve.

Here is an example of what could be dreamt up and executed when an architect or designer who knows their stuff goes wild within reason. The result is a home unlike its neighbours which maximize the utilization of space for your enjoyment. The company behind this Terasek House, JTJ Design, consist of 3 partners; Jessica Lim, Tony Heneberry & Jo England and are in the business of purchasing, designing and redeveloping properties for rental or resale with their very own signature touch and the home featured here is a showcase of their design skills and prowess with only a very few like Ng Seksan that come up with developments that are fascinating and outlandish in their own way.

What was once a basic terrace house in Bangsar’s Terasek area is now transformed into a beautiful garden view modern terrace house that feels alot more like something completely different all together. The elements of cement, concrete, steel and timber come together and create a home with almost showroom like qualities. The skylight into the middle of the home is especially a nice touch considering that the middle of the average terrace house can usually be quite dark. Everything about this home revolves around functionality and form; from the white painted roof thrusts, the wheels on some of the furniture and especially the bedroom window out to the stairwell.

There is no limit to what can be achieved with your home renovation (within your local council regulations & more importantly your budget) when some thought, creative license and imagination are put into play. This has got to be one of the best renovations for a terrace house that I’ve seen in a very long time. I’ve also recently noticed a home in Taman Tun Dr Ismail which was renovated about a year plus back that follows similar design cues. Wonder if its by the same company?