Home Reminisce of Peranakan Houses by Fabian Tan Architect

POSTED 6 years ago

Classic contemporary single storey terrace house by Fabian Tan Architect

It’s becoming rather evident that most people looking to renovate their homes in Malaysia and especially in the Klang Valley seem to follow a template for their renovation. It isn’t uncommon to see similar type home designs within the same neighbourhood. So it’s no surprise when i almost squealed (ahem) in delight when i came across a feature on the renovation of this unique 1.5 storey home in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

What was supposed to be a simple renovation for a single storey terrace house eventually evolved into the work of art it has become. The design of the home was dreamt up by Fabian Tan Architect while taking into consideration the clients extensive collection of chinese antiques. Looking at the pictures, a familiar mood comes back to me and its of the large Peranakan houses that you find around the Jonker Street area. It is reminiscent of traditional Straits Chinese (Peranakan) architecture that has been given a modern twist.

The finishing used in this house is not the most exquisite ever. It is in fact a great deal plainer that some of the houses featured on the pages of Habitat-MY but it is just as interesting as all those expensive villas (well in my mind anyway) simply for its unique renovation. For its finish, the house has been kept pretty much to the basics; white walls, cement rendered floor, cement staircase all framed in the highlight of the timber beams and paneling used extensively throughout the home.

The rawness of this home is definitely not something that palatable for everyone but for those that enjoy it, this home would be a definite dream come true.