TTDI home by Nu Infinity

POSTED 7 years ago

In this latest work by Nu Infinity, this 1,500 square-foot home in TTDI, Malaysia has been resurfaced and redesigned into another stunning example of contemporary living.

The interior has been completely reworked with luxurious materials and a warm earthly color palette. This has been achieved largely with wood materials and furniture to contrast the white building surfaces, as can be seen in the continuously-spaced living and dining areas. Careful use of mirrored glass and other modern appointments ensure the overall high-quality interior, without getting in the way of practicality.

The bedrooms take on a slightly different feel, being warmer overall thanks to wooden floors. The glass and modern accents, however, remain consistent. Never to compromise practicality in their art, Nu Infinity has also done a study area. Other than the office furniture, this room remains simple and clutter-free to induce an undistracting working environment.

Another key feature worth highlighting is the airwell/coutyard area. This semi-open space has been converted into a unique bathroom. It’s design hints at an outdoor feel, but actually remains squarely within the home’s perimeter. The sunroof, especially, takes advantage of natural light to bathe this space.