Hijauan House by 29 design

POSTED 6 years ago

Hijauan House by 29 Design Malaysia

In the South East Asian region, we are blessed with sunshine perpetually throughout the year. Combined with our natural greenery and environment, this has given birth to some of the most interesting and beautiful homes we have had the pleasure to explore personally and even read about online and in magazines. From the serene Balinese styled designs to more modern and eclectic designs in cities such as Bangkok, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila and Singapore.

What we found pretty amazing with the home renovation of this bungalow in Kuala Lumpur is that not a single tree in the compound was cut down. Designed by a local Malaysian boutique architecture and design firm, 29 design; the designers stuck to keeping the natural greenery of this home while giving it an improved design which is in itself no small feat.

Most would have taken the easy way out and start the renovation from scratch, it is after all easier to start afresh than to work within the constraints of keeping to existing features which in this case happened to be a few aged tropical trees especially two 50 year old mango trees. These limitations explains a little why not much redesign was done externally with the house still following closely to its original layout Additions and updates to the exterior seem to be limited to new windows & doors, timber screens on the exterior of the 1st floor and the swimming pool.

It’s the indoor spaces that has gotten a pretty massive makeover. The entire  house has been relaid out to give the feeling of openness. From the pictures below, you’ll see that very little internal walls remain which is very unlike traditional compartmentalization of spaces found in houses of designed in the past. A mixture of timber and tiled flooring were used and together with the new glass panels , these give the indoor spaces of this home a much more open feel. Coupled with the views of the garden from the indoors really sets the mood within the home.

This home may have a simpler facade in comparison to some of the other homes featured here but it is no less welcoming and with the beauty of the tropical flora surrounding this house, given the opportunity; this would be a place we would definitely be proud to call home.