Damansara Kim Home Revitalised by JPHomes

POSTED 6 years ago

 Simple modern industrial terrace house design

Older houses after years of use and standing in the ever changing Malaysian weather are bound to fall into some disrepair over time. But it’s even worst when the house has not been taken care of properly. Potential buyers are usually wary when it comes to leaking roofs, faulty wiring, old rusted water pipes and just the general overall feel of the house in question.

Located in the Damansara Kim area of Petaling Jaya, Malaysia is this modern industrial styled terrace house. What started off as an eye sore, finished with blue-mosaic tiled walls, marble skirting and roman pillars; a jumble of designs which looked both tired and dated. The majority of buyers would have avoided purchasing homes like this due to the expected cost for renovation. But where others found obstacles, the owner of this home saw opportunity.

The entire exterior of this terrace home was redesigned according to the more modern industrial look that the owner preferred. Raw cement like finishing combined with timber strips and vent blocks change the entire facade of the home without major structural changes. The more simplistic design of the exterior matches grey and black finishes while a simple planter box at the balcony provides space for plant to add to the greenery of the overall home.

The interior is transformed, taking an open plan approach to create a larger feeling of space within the home. Beautiful borneo beige marble flooring stretches from the living area all the way to the kitchen at the back of the home. The kitchen area also takes on its own design using clear perspex roofing to allow more sunlight in. This is combined with reclaimed timber beams and timber strips to help regulate the heat from the mid-day sun.

Undertaking the rejuvenation of this home is the team from JPHomes with the results bringing to life a home that is more inline with the times and creating a space that most would be proud to call home.