YTL House by Jouin Manku

POSTED 6 years ago

The expansive YTL House in Kuala Lumpur, designed by Jouin Manku

After writing about home renovation and renovated homes for the past 6 months, one Malaysian home I’ve come across that has crossed the limits of innovation in home design is definitely this home owned by YTL. This luxurious home is of mammoth proportions and rebuilt in a style that is uncommon to the country with no expense spared!

Developed by Paris based Jouin Manku and YTL Design Group, this project took 5 years and was finally completed in late 2008. The home design included nine bedrooms, two family rooms, a family kitchen and a private dining area, a family library, a game room, a study, a public reception area, a formal dining room, a ballroom, chapel, 21 bathrooms, a swimming pool, two guest suites plus indoor private and guest parking.  The total created space for the family is nicely packaged into an organic shaped structure which allows natural lighting into the home through horizontally striped external wall.

The interior looks equally as stunning as the exterior design. From spacious living spaces, sweeping spiral staircase, open bathroom design but most of all (and the most interesting feature, well to me anyway) is the island located in the kitchen. That’s a single piece of granite!!! Bloody hell, that’s a big rock and definitely costs an arm and a leg and you just might have to throw in a kidney as well to get a block like that.

Timber lined ceilings, Haiku fans, swimming pools, marble flooring, etc… a great deal of money was spent to make this one of the most unique houses in the Klang Valley, if not within Malaysia. It’s good to see that there are people pushing the envelope of creativity in designing and rebuilding their homes. Homes such as this are truly inspirational for the majority and hopefully encourages more individuals to push the envelope of home design.

Image source: Decodir