45 Faber Park by ONG&ONG

POSTED 6 years ago

45 Faber Park - Modern singapore bungalow design

45 Faber Park was a project that was developed by ONG&ONG Architects just across the causeway in neighbouring Singapore. This home was developed by them with the specific purpose of creating a home that could open up the outdoors. The end product is simply marvelous with the home providing easy access to the wide outdoors, which in the case of this home, there is simply a great deal of it.

Coming up to the house, the first thing that you’ll notice is the massive cantilevered upper floor which covers the car porch and provides a protected and enclosed feeling   when pulling up to the main door into the home. Apparently the cantilevered upper floor is clad with a material that’s a mixture of titanium and zinc which helps achieve the a dark matte finish. I’ve never come across the material which was used here but knowing the price of titanium, I’m pretty sure it costs a bomb.

The majority of the structure of this home is planned positioned on one side of the available land area with a portion extending across the back end of the space available. This makes room for a swimming pool which can be seen from the front of the house and is accessible from the living room area. Accessibility and visibility of the pool from the indoors is incorporated with the use of large sliding glass doors.

Just past the living room looking into the more private area of this beautiful home lies an even more beautiful staircase leading to the family’s private space located on the 1st floor. Sculpted like a piece of art, the staircase is was built to articulate the movement through this space but this is seriously the most beautiful staircase I’ve come across in a house in South East Asia.

Leading up the stairs to the family’s more private area of the home, the 1st floor, the spaces created were created to be cozy and focused on privacy. In order to create pleasant sleeping areas, the height of the ceilings was positioned lower compared to the ceilings in the social areas. Leading from the quiet family room upstairs is a green roof which provides additional outdoor space. It is equipped with a BBQ pit that overlooks the pool beneath. This space represents an ideal entertaining area, great for an outdoor cookout or a contemplation garden, where you can sit and be alone with your thoughts.

The space i find more fascinating about this house which have no pictures taken off is the basement. Basements are not a common feature here in South East Asia so its interesting to see something like this being done so close by. The space is naturally well lit from both sides. One of the light sources is the void garden, the other a window which looks into the swimming pool. This window is the same width as the pool and creates a perfect ambiance in this lounge space which is equipped with a bar and a pool table. Having parties at the basement of this home would be like a dream!

A naturally lit study and cinema room are also accommodated in the basement. The basement space sits directly below the other social spaces of the house and serves as a more intimate extension to the social space above. With an awesome view of the pool from the inside, a well stocked bar and a cinema room, its easy to see why the basement has been kept as a private section of the home.

Overall, this home has made the most of the limited amount of land available (and in Singapore that’s a whole lot of land) and created a home that is expressive yet flows across the various living spaces in the home. This home to me represents a move away from the ordinary in creating spaces that are not divided over the outdoors and indoors and Ong&Ong Architects definitely did a fantastic job achieving this.

Photography by Derek Swalwell, Tim Nolan.