Finding the right furnishing pieces for that modern industrial style

You’ve gotten your keys to your new home and are determined to redesign your home in a modern industrial interior design style. While some may have the luxury to hire an interior designer to simplify the renovation and sourcing process, most of us however would have to rely on our own resourcefulness in order to find the right furnishings and fittings.

If you don’t already know where to find the items you want, hunting for the right furniture, lighting and other fittings to suit your desired style can be a chore with often hours wasted and coming home with absolutely nothing. To help you find the right items for your home which suit the modern industrial style, we’ve checked out offerings by various sellers and found one that not only has available furnishings and fittings that suit a modern industrial style but also provides the convenience for you to shop from home and get the items delivered.

Black Textured Industrial Styled Wall Racks

One of the pieces favored by people going for an industrial styled interior are the netted type metal wall racks which are often used for decorative purposes. These wall racks provide the flexibility to add a touch for décor to any space within the home and it’s simple installation makes it  a favorite.


This wall rack combo is currently available on sale for only RM379.00 (NP: RM699.00). To check the item out or to purchase a set or two for your home click here.

Black Textured Diamond Ceiling Pendant Lamp

Another important facet of creating your own industrial styled interior would definitely be the lighting. For areas such as the living and in the bedrooms, downlights or track lighting can be used to complement the overall style. But what if you’re looking for a distinctive piece that not only fits a modern industrial interior but also stands out?


Using pendant lights that are placed in the right spaces can add that desired effect and create a look that’s unique. This diamond shaped pendant light can be utilized in a variety of ways. From hanging over a bar counter or an island counter in the dry kitchen as the more obvious option, you can also utilize this pendant lights for your bedside lighting if hung lower and closer to the bedside table or even as mood pieces hung in a similar type fashion next to your TV console area within the living room.


It’s flexibility of use is one of the things we particularly like about pendant lighting. Normally retailing at RM79.00 per piece, you can get it now with a RM20 discount while the promotion lasts. Just click here to get more details about this lighting piece and to place your order.


Black Textured Frame Industrial Styled Display Cabinets

We all could use with additional storage space in our homes and even if you’re going for a clean modern industrial look, having some display cabinets especially if it provides additional storage space can be godsend.


This furniture set that we are sharing today comes in a set of three main pieces. Consisting of a tall display cabinet and two shorter display cabinets with drawers, these cabinets are  built with textured black metal frames and MDF wood finished with Korean made anti-scratch surface finish. The cabinets are designed not only to add to the overall style of your home but to also be able to withstand daily usage.


What’s even more interesting is that this combination comes with a foldable table included which actually makes the set more functional and flexible. You can store away the foldable table if not required or use it within a bedroom as a dressing table. All you need to do is mount a mirror onto the wall or use a table top mirror to allow greater flexibility. It’s currently on sale at RM1,389.00 (NP: RM1,859.00) saving you about 25% off its normal retail price. For more information, click here.

If you’d like to check out the other furniture poduct ranges available from Vidi Furniture, you can visit their website at for more information.

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